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Bachelor Thesis Abstract

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Your bachelor thesis abstract is something that you would leave until the very end of your bachelor thesis writing as this is a summary of everything that you have done. Somehow you have to distill your entire thesis into a single page of around 400 words and convey all of the main points of your research. An abstract is the first page that a reader will turn to within your thesis so that they can understand exactly what your research is about and what you found.
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If what you have written within your bachelor thesis abstract is of interest to them then they will continue to read on. You will also use the abstract of other theses to decide if the thesis is going to be relevant to any research that you are conducting. It is very difficult if you have not written an abstract before to understand exactly what you need to include and what you can safely leave out of your bachelor thesis abstract.

What You Need to Include within Your Bachelor Thesis Abstract

bachelor thesis exampleDissertation abstracts need to cover all of the main points of your thesis, this will cover the following four main areas:

  • The focus of your research, including why it is important
  • The methods employed
  • The main findings
  • The main conclusions and recommendations

You have to write your abstract very concisely to ensure that you cover these areas within the short space that you have. It is very worth looking at a BA thesis example to see how others have achieved this. A bachelor thesis example will allow you to see how other writers have tackled writing their abstracts as well as allowing you to see exactly what they have included and left out.

Your thesis title should not be repeated within the abstract; bachelor thesis abstracts must be as explicit as possible and if required numbers should be used. In general, no citations or references are used within your bachelor thesis abstract.

How We Can Write Your Bachelor Thesis Abstract

The abstract is the section that many students really struggle to complete; when you have worked for many months and written a full tome of information about your research it can be very difficult to condense everything down into just a few paragraphs. Our skilled writers, however, are able to take your thesis and draw out all of the main points for inclusion in your abstract. Your specific writer will hold a higher degree in your subject area; as an expert in your area of study, they will be able to recognize the really important facts within your work for inclusion within your truly unique bachelor thesis abstract.

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